Why Should AngularJS be Your First Choice for Development in 2021?

When we talk about web and mobile apps, what’s the first thing you think attracts most users? Unquestionably, it’s design — the first sweeping look and feel of an app. And for such an impression, front-even development is wholly responsible. Things like graphics, fonts, interfaces, and much more are all shared parts of the front-end development process.

Besides, a business website alone isn’t sufficient to reach the wider market and run your brand as in those bygone days. You must have witnessed the whopping increase in business app downloads, with more and more end-users turning to a variety and types of apps for interacting with brands, let alone the inevitable need for an online presence to draw web traffic in this intense competition.

These are not empty words. Here I present some interesting stats that speak volumes about the gravity of web and mobile apps today.

  • In 2020, there were 218 billion annual app downloads
  • 90% of total mobile usage is spent on apps, with 2.7 billion smartphone users
  • By 2023, mobile apps are estimated to generate revenue of over US $935 billion.

The Rise of AngularJS as a Front-End Framework

With the evolution of technology, web app performance isn’t the major obstacle anymore. Gone are those days when consumers had to download mobile apps for a better experience. Hat tip to JavaScript for enhancing the performance and elevating the status of web apps in the market.

Yes, countless technologies have come and gone, but nothing could beat JavaScript. It offers a handful of amazing frameworks for the finest UI for your apps, but among all, AngularJS is, by all means, developers’ favorite. Such a modern web framework is on the brink of overthrowing conventional frameworks like jQuery.

Here’s offering you a comparing and contrasting study on the three leading JavaScript frameworks of today: Angular Vs. React Vs. Vue

AngularJS gained a credible reputation when tech giants like Samsung and Microsoft started wielding this platform. In due course, Angular has steadily been brought into the spotlight, convincing other megacorps like Netflix, PayPal, Deutsche Bank, Forbes, and so on.

Although Angular’s almost decade-long history and popularity trends can easily get you caught up, you must be wondering what made AngularJS to be so admired and why top Fortune 500 companies use this front-end framework as their trump card.

But most importantly, why should it be the preferred framework for your website?

What Makes AngularJS One of the Best Frameworks for App Development?

AngularJS comes with a bunch of exclusive functionalities and advantages which no other JavaScript framework offers. Due to this reason, it has become one of the most popular frameworks for any top rated AngularJS development company as well as entrepreneurs. It seamlessly facilitates the agile web development process while effectively saving time and cost.

So, if you’re looking to develop a web app for your business, check out the below-mentioned reasons as to why AngularJS should be the choice for your web app development.

1. Interactive UI Development

This 2010 framework is equipped with some latest customizable components that facilitate an exceptionally interactive UI development. Besides creating an attractive UI, it makes the web development process user-friendly and lightweight.

AngularJS employs the best HTML to define codes and create appealing UIs with fewer developers’ efforts in writing codes. So it offers you structured UIs that can be easily managed with user-oriented learning markups. If you hire AngularJS developers, they can easily craft expressive and appealing UIs for any app.

2. Easier Usability

AngularJS is really an easy framework to operate and work with. Since it needs minimal coding compared to other JavaScript frameworks, it will save quite the time and effort of the developers working on your app.

Additionally, it supports MVC architecture, meaning developers can skip the work on getter and setter functions to apply data models.

3. Code Reusability

This is one of the most exciting features AngularJS provides. It enables developers to reuse any code that has been written before competently. Code reusability makes the development process a lot easier and faster as it helps save a lot of time and effort.

Moreover, you just need to introduce the necessary changes in the code and rapidly perform any kind of modification or customization in your app. If programmers can reuse the code, it instinctively encourages them to come up with more impressive pieces of code at enterprise-level web programs.

4. Component-based Architecture

From a model-view-controller (MVC), the second version AgularJS migrated to a component-based architecture. In such a pattern, an Angular application is split into a set of logical, independent, and functional components.

These Angular components can seamlessly be reintegrated and decoupled, as well as can be employed in other parts of an application. And with such a component independence and hierarchy, testing of any web application becomes impeccably easier and ensures that each and every component works perfectly in a collateral way.

5. Ahead-of-time Compiler

Angular applications have an AOT compiler that can translate ES6, Typescript, and HTML into JavaScript in the development process. This clearly imparts that the code base is put together before the browser runs your web app.

Interestingly, when it comes to security, an AOT compiler is a cut above the just-in-time compiler.

6. Command-line Interface (CLI)

The command-line interface is another notable feature of AngularJS. It functions in myriad ways, from mechanizing the entire development workflow to building an optimizer to creative app configuration and initialization as easily as possible.

If you hire AngularJS developers, CLI will allow them to develop a novel Angular program, incorporate compelling features into it, and run end-to-end tests smoothly with a few simple commands. Moreover, it enhances code quality and speeds up angular development to a great extent.

7. Huge Community Support

This framework is developed and managed by Google, a tech giant that provides a massive community of experts with years of experience who are forever ready to help each other. This community is dedicated to improving the frameworks and solving all the issues concerning front-end development.

Such support indeed proves to be rewarding for those who look for a solution for any major or minor issues during the development process. Not to mention a good deal of conferences this community hosts and invites several IT companies worldwide to put forward new changes and advancements in this domain.

8. Dual Data Binding

Let’s talk about this amazing feature Google included in Angular. With this two-way data binding attribute, the changes you make in the UI will immediately influence the web apps and vice versa. Meaning, you can instantly see the impact of the changes on the app interface.

This has empowered developers to write just a few lines of code and conveniently make changes in them. This saves a handful of time for the developers and is quite a reason for AngularJS becoming one of the most popular app development platforms.

9. Ivy Renderer

This special feature was introduced in Angular 6 that helps in translating the app’s components and templates into JavaScript code so that the browser can exhibit them.

The pivotal characteristic of this amazing tool is a distinct technique called Tree Shaking. The ivy clears all the non-used codes while it’s running to make it more lucid and small. The result is the fast and rapid loading of web apps.


Angular had its first stable releases in 2016, only around 5 years ago.

Let that sink in!

In less than a decade, its branded reputation and global association with big names like Google, Microsoft, PayPal have formed one of the greatest web development communities across the world. So, if there’s one key takeaway from this read, it’s the following:

Angular is a ubiquitous framework with the potential to level up your web apps’ interactivity and functionality.

Upwork, Gmail, and many other single-page web apps embraced the benefits of AngularJS. In 2020, nothing could stop SMEs from merging Angular with their existing tech stacks. So if you’re wondering whether this framework is the right solution for your website, your skepticism ends here.

To hook the full advantages of Angular web development, you need to reach out to a top rated AngularJS development company that has the expertise of building and scaling web apps with JavaScript.

If you know any other promising edges of AngularJS, comment here. I would be happy to have something taped!

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