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Customization in SaaS — All you need to know about customizing software-as-a-service

An insightful article on customizing software-as-a-service

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Myths and Expert’s sayings

However, in terms of SaaS customization, there are many myths that prevail in the tech industry. As soon as a company declares that it is ready to invest in innovation, they are bombarded with ready to launch and off-shelf digital resources that are offered by many players in the market.

Personalizing SaaS

According to a study carried out by Infosys among 1,000 consumers and 50 retailers across the United States reveals:

Why customizing SaaS is essential for your business?

1) Easy Scaling

As your business starts to expand, so do your needs. Buying an off-the-shelf software solution may become a problem if it does not help your business or is too costly for licensing.

2) Customization Compliance with standards and processes

Even the best digital solutions from world-class suppliers may have problems complying with the traditional rules and processes implemented within an organization. The creators of such software may have incorporated industry-recognized standards guidelines, but very often, a company may have to think out of the box when running its daily operations.

3) Permanent solution for recurring problems

As soon as you start your day turning on your PC, you see hundreds of emails complaining about the same issue that they had the previous day. Those types of problems create frustration for anyone — whether it an employee, client, or business owner.

Advantage and Disadvantage of SaaS Customization


Instead of owners and managers spending hours every day working around shortcomings in standardized systems and consumers attempting to place orders using clunky user interfaces — why not build a customized software app for your unique business needs and priorities?

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