Flutter App Development

Flutter becoming mobile app developers favorite SDK

When we talk about a long run, we can see Flutter wins the race.

Reason? Its cross-platform app development approach!

Expansion? Web apps, Desktop apps, Mobile Apps, and Flutter for embedded!

This how much Flutter has extended and is in demand for the past years. Flutter is undoubtedly a formidable competitor as well as an emerging winner of this race. Be it offshore or onshore, Flutter and dart language know to cover it all more efficiently than native.

According to a survey by Statista, it affirms that there’s a 9% increase in the use of Flutter since last year; which…

Hire Developers

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The initial days of any startup company is just like a small plant. One needs to take immense care and protect it from all the potential dangers — by providing all the necessities — till it grows and becomes a huge tree.

Even a small decision should be made by analyzing all the aspects that could impact your startup business. Therefore to give your startup company a strong base — great thought should be placed to take care of the organization and meet its needs.

These startups’ criteria vary from the obvious things such as — securing funding and formulating…

When we talk about web and mobile apps, what’s the first thing you think attracts most users? Unquestionably, it’s design — the first sweeping look and feel of an app. And for such an impression, front-even development is wholly responsible. Things like graphics, fonts, interfaces, and much more are all shared parts of the front-end development process.

Besides, a business website alone isn’t sufficient to reach the wider market and run your brand as in those bygone days. You must have witnessed the whopping increase in business app downloads, with more and more end-users turning to a variety and types…

The world needs mobile app development more than you can presume. From 2016 with 140.7 billion downloads to 2020 with 108 billion downloads, the app development industry is booming at an overwhelming speed. Reports state, 5.1 billion people are using smartphones today. This nearly sums up 70% of the whole world population.

Apparently, these data speak volumes of the demand for app development in the modern world. There’s an abundance of technologies, SDKs, frameworks, and hundreds of industry-standard development platforms to try your hands at building apps. …

Cloud computing — the buzzword that has been growing over the past decade with reinforced security, easy access to data, and the growth in supportive technologies backed by strong internet connectivity, compatible mobile devices, and powerful web-based and mobile applications. As many companies were compelled to adopt the remote working model since the pandemic rocked the world, it has augmented the use and benefits of cloud computing for smooth business continuity. Cloud-based services offer a scalable and reliable IT infrastructure to streamline business operations and support business performance and growth.

With that being said, let me present an interesting stat…

Let’s start with a wacky analogy!

Imagine your favorite McDonald’s burger and an engaging website. Just like the prior is a perfect combination of layered up beef patties, pickle slices, ketchup, mustard, and onion, the latter includes a range of tools that are chipped in together in a pack called Technology Stack.

So, tech stacks (also known as software stack or development stack) are like the flesh and bones of a website that chiefly manages the development and functionality of an application across all platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Uber are some of the greatest application examples that have used the…

Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure Development
Microsoft Azure Development

Cloud platforms have redefined the way businesses used to operate. Enterprises all over the world are witnessing great success with Cloud-based business applications. Many tech and non-tech organizations experienced tremendous growth as cloud computing enabled them to work remotely- especially in the pandemic era.

Microsoft Azure, also known as Azure, is a well-known integrated service for businesses (primarily enterprises) that rely heavily on Windows-based solutions. Despite early setbacks, Microsoft Azure is now giving tough competition to well-established Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Here are some figures that speak for Microsoft Azure:

· According to BuiltWith, over 1,118,521 live websites use Microsoft…

Software Development

Software development team
Software development team

How do you determine something is good or bad at performance? You compare or measure it right. Likewise, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a value that specifies how well something is doing. Businesses may use this to monitor project achievements and failures at different times.

Businesses can track many figures and criteria — but is there a single metric that accurately signifies software development teams’ productivity? To answer the question in this post, I’ve listed some of the significant metrics or KPI’s to measure software developers’ productivity.

Creating Stable Code

Software programmers need to write code that are easy to update and modify…

Recent Microsoft Ignite event highlights for CIOs

Microsoft has aced its virtual ignite conference 2021 by conferring updates on Microsoft’s teams, 365, Azure cloud for all the technical heads, developers, and security professionals out there. Today, the cloud is a crucial part of every organization, and it was explicitly clear in the conference.

A few keynotes were to jot down to flow with the growing technology and need for cloud during the conference. …

Software Development

Effective ways to reduce software development costs

Whatever might be the business, pre-defining operational costs is the most crucial step and the most brilliant move you’ll ever make. However, it varies from industry to industry, but planning leads them all. In this article, we have discussed a few factors to follow and reduce software development costs.

Just because we need to have a robust budget plan doesn’t mean we will compromise with quality. There are many elements one has to take care of while taking charge of the development process. …

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