Flutter App Development

Flutter becoming mobile app developers favorite SDK

When we talk about a long run, we can see Flutter wins the race.

Reason? Its cross-platform app development approach!

Expansion? Web apps, Desktop apps, Mobile Apps, and Flutter for embedded!

This how much Flutter has extended and is in demand for the past years. Flutter is undoubtedly a formidable competitor as well as an emerging winner of this race. Be it offshore or onshore, Flutter and dart language know to cover it all more efficiently than native.

According to a survey by Statista, it affirms that there’s a 9% increase in the use of Flutter since last year; which…

Hire Developers

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The initial days of any startup company is just like a small plant. One needs to take immense care and protect it from all the potential dangers — by providing all the necessities — till it grows and becomes a huge tree.

Even a small decision should be made by analyzing all the aspects that could impact your startup business. Therefore to give your startup company a strong base — great thought should be placed to take care of the organization and meet its needs.

These startups’ criteria vary from the obvious things such as — securing funding and formulating…

Recent Microsoft Ignite event highlights for CIOs

Microsoft has aced its virtual ignite conference 2021 by conferring updates on Microsoft’s teams, 365, Azure cloud for all the technical heads, developers, and security professionals out there. Today, the cloud is a crucial part of every organization, and it was explicitly clear in the conference.

A few keynotes were to jot down to flow with the growing technology and need for cloud during the conference. …

Software Development

Effective ways to reduce software development costs

Whatever might be the business, pre-defining operational costs is the most crucial step and the most brilliant move you’ll ever make. However, it varies from industry to industry, but planning leads them all. In this article, we have discussed a few factors to follow and reduce software development costs.

Just because we need to have a robust budget plan doesn’t mean we will compromise with quality. There are many elements one has to take care of while taking charge of the development process. …

Programming Languages

Programming languages every software developer should learn

Digital existence and excellence have acquired exceptional value in this era. The current COVID-19 pandemic situation boost up technology advancement for everyone. It became the need of the hour.

The rapid technology development of automation, artificial intelligence, Blockchain technology, Virtual Reality, etc., made the world smarter. In addition to this, programming languages are also on the list.

Computer science is comprised of various sub-fields with specialized skills. It has one thing in common, a language of instruction in the form of codes. There are several programming languages, and each programmer has its own specific set of requirements. …

A deep dive into the advent of RevOps

As a function, RevOps is continually gaining traction and popularity in the world of business. The concept of RevOps is quite new, and yet it isn’t a new function. In this article, we have detailed what RevOps is, why it is on the rise, it’s benefits, and key metrics. So let’s get started.

What Is Revenue Operations?

The strategic convergence of marketing, sales, and customer success with the objective to drive accountability across verticals of a business’s revenue engine are termed as revenue operations.

The traditional model of an organization segregates teams according to their business function such as Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, and…

Warm-up your creative brain for Innovative Startups Ideas!

Constructing an effective plan and then connecting the dots to make it work while propelling an Enterprise towards accomplishing its goals is a crucial leadership role of an entrepreneur. Today, in this blog, we will be discussing a few ideations that will assist the startups in driving towards the progressive path.

A startup isn’t a piece of old tackle; however, it may seem like one, but the entrepreneurs must rethink the domain, purpose, and enterprise goals. A handful of founders not landing on a mutual plan and decision leads the entire process in turmoil.

One should be excessively aware of…

Cloud Computing

Ideal Cloud computing service model best suited for your business

Organizations across all industries face a tremendous burden as they struggle to match their IT infrastructure with the fast-growing customer demand for secure, fast, and reliable services. In the effort to increase the storage capabilities and processing power of their IT systems, the companies realize that developing and maintaining a secure, scalable, and robust IT infrastructure is significantly expensive.

Thankfully, cloud computing allows organizations to leap beyond their on-premise IT infrastructure and embrace internet-based solutions. They were no more owning and maintaining costly IT infrastructure and data centers! …

Software Testing

Optimize your software testing strategy with these vital factors

The adage of ‘test early, test often’ might be a little dated, but the ideology remains relevant and crucial to a successful testing plan or while acquiring software testing services even today.

Monetarily speaking, fixing a bug found during the design phase costs ten times less than doing so during the coding phase and one hundred times less than a bug found post-launch.

Testing is an integral part of the SDLC and plays a pivotal role in delivering a product that meets all client requirements and specifications. …

Software Outsourcing

Navigate through these lessons for a successful outsourced project

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Remember those group tasks when you took up added responsibilities more than any of your teammates because the topic was closer to your heart? You plugged in end number of extra hours just because you couldn’t entrust the most significant bits to any other.

Building your dream project brick-by-brick in front of your eyes brings in an unmatched level of satisfaction.

But what if you do not have the right skills required for the project or the work is too much for you to handle? You seek help! And this is exactly why you need to outsource for professional projects.

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